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This 2011 book is one of a series of four addressing criticisms by Norman Geisler and Ron Rhodes. This book addresses three key issues:

  • the error of making creeds, not the Bible, the rule of faith;
  • the twofoldness of divine truth; and
  • the infinite God becoming a finite man through incarnation.

Brothers, Hear Our Defense (1) – Concerning Biblical Authority, the Twofoldness of Divine Truth, and the Incarnation

This book contains a series of articles concerning critical points of truth. The articles in this book address the dangers of:

  • Replacing the Bible with creeds as a Christian’s rule of faith and practice;
  • Sacrificing one aspect of biblical truth for the sake of defending another; and
  • Denying the truth that the infinite God became a finite man through incarnation.

This book also serves as a critique of the apologetic methods used by Norman Geisler and Ron Rhodes. It highlights serious misrepresentations in their criticisms of Witness Lee and the local churches as well as some grave deficiencies in their understanding of biblical truth. This critique should call forth a determination among those involved in Christian apologetics to uplift the standard in their field of work so that the cause of truth may be served with integrity.

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