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This page includes articles written to explain the criticisms of Christianity found in the teachings of Witness Lee and the local churches.

May 12, 2017 Bible Answer Man, Catholicism, Christianity, creeds

This 2011 book is one of a series of four addressing criticisms by Norman Geisler and Ron Rhodes. This book addresses three key issues:

  • the error of making creeds, not the Bible, the rule of faith;
  • the twofoldness of divine truth; and
  • the infinite God becoming a finite man through incarnation.
June 30, 2011 authority, Bible, Brothers Hear Our Defense, creeds, God becoming man, incarnation, mingling, Norman Geisler, Person of Christ, Ron Rhodes, two natures of Christ, Twofoldness of Divine Truth

An examination of whether the historic Christian creeds or the Bible should be the ultimate yardstick of truth in light of criticism from Norman Geisler and Ron Rhodes.

January 1, 2010 authority, Bible, creeds, hypocrisy, Norman Geisler, orthodoxy, Ron Rhodes

Calls to return to “historic Christianity” as represented by the great ecumenical councils are misguided. This article gives many examples of deviations from the Bible brought in through some of those councils.

January 21, 1978 Christianity, creeds, Walter Martin

Those who call for a return to “historic Christianity” should consider the Lord’s speaking in Matthew 13, in which He prophesied concerning the deviation of the church from His original desire and intention.

January 21, 1978 Christianity, creeds, Walter Martin

A return to “historic Christianity” and a creed-based faith would bind the church to the church councils that brought in many deviations from New Testament Christianity. The second and third parts of this post address the truth concerning Babylon and denominations.

October 8, 1977 Babylon, Christianity, creeds, denominations, division, oneness of the believers, Orange County Register, Walter Martin