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This 2011 book is one of a series of four addressing criticisms by Norman Geisler and Ron Rhodes. This book addresses three key issues:

  • the error of making creeds, not the Bible, the rule of faith;
  • the twofoldness of divine truth; and
  • the infinite God becoming a finite man through incarnation.
June 30, 2011 authority, Bible, Brothers Hear Our Defense, creeds, God becoming man, incarnation, mingling, Norman Geisler, Person of Christ, Ron Rhodes, two natures of Christ, Twofoldness of Divine Truth

This article refutes the false accusation of Norman Geisler and Ron Rhodes that the local churches teach patripassianism. It shows their error in asserting that affirming the involvement of the Father in the Son’s work is equivalent to of patripassianism and presents both the biblical record and a number of respected scholars that support the principle of the co-working of the Father and the Son (see also Scholars Who Affirm the Working Together of the Three of the Divine Trinity).

January 1, 2010 co-working, coinherence, impassibility, Norman Geisler, patripassianism, Ron Rhodes, Trinity, Triune God, two natures of Christ

Norman Geisler criticized an article by Ron Kangas in which the latter said, “God is infinite, and man is finite, yet in Christ the two became one.” In his criticism Geisler both misrepresents what Ron Kangas said and deviates from the biblical revelation of both the Person of Christ and of the Divine Trinity.

January 1, 2010 God becoming man, incarnation, mingling, Norman Geisler, Person of Christ, Ron Rhodes, two natures of Christ

A list of excerpts from respected scholars who affirm the biblical revelation that God became incarnated in Christ, joining the infinite God with finite man.

January 1, 2010 affirmation, God becoming man, incarnation, Person of Christ, scholars, two natures of Christ

This 2009 book contains a statement prepared by the LSM editorial section addressing key issues in dialogues with a panel of Fuller Theological Seminary professors regarding the Trinity, the Person of Christ, God’s full salvation, and the genuine ground of oneness. It also contains a copy of the Fuller panel’s conclusions from their study.

February 28, 2009 affirmation, church ground, Confirmation of the Gospel, Fuller Theological Seminary, identification, lawsuits, litigation, Living Stream Ministry, LSM, oneness of the believers, salvation, Trinity, Triune God, two natures of Christ

A booklet compiled from messages given by Witness Lee in 1970 in which he explains six errant schools of thought concerning the Person of Christ throughout history and reviews the biblical revelation of Christ as one Person with two natures, being both God and man, both Creator according to His Deity and a creature, man, through His incarnation.

January 1, 1971 heresies, Person of Christ, two natures of Christ