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An HTML version of Robert Govett’s classic study on The Twofoldness of Divine Truth, showing that biblical truth often has two sides which are not contradictory but complementary.

June 13, 2014 Arminianism, Calvinism, Robert Govett, Twofoldness of Divine Truth

This 2011 book is one of a series of four addressing criticisms by Norman Geisler and Ron Rhodes. This book addresses three key issues:

  • the error of making creeds, not the Bible, the rule of faith;
  • the twofoldness of divine truth; and
  • the infinite God becoming a finite man through incarnation.
June 30, 2011 authority, Bible, Brothers Hear Our Defense, creeds, God becoming man, incarnation, mingling, Norman Geisler, Person of Christ, Ron Rhodes, two natures of Christ, Twofoldness of Divine Truth

The Twofoldness of Divine Truth is a classic study by the British Bible teacher Robert Govett. Norman Geisler misattributed the principle Govett articulated, calling in “[Witness] Lee’s mysterious doctrine” and wrongly claimed that it contradicts a philosophical principle called “the law of noncontradiction.” This article sketches the scope of his error and links to both Govett’s original booklet and a more detailed examination of the application of Govett’s teaching in an Affirmation & Critique article by Ron Kangas.

January 1, 2010 Norman Geisler, Robert Govett, Twofoldness of Divine Truth

In an article in the journal Affirmation & Critique Ron Kangas applies the principle set forth in Robert Govett’s The Twofoldness of Divine Truth to central truths in the Bible. These truths include salvation, Christ indwelling the believers and being at the right hand of God, Christ being both the only begotten and the firstborn Son, Christ having a body of flesh and bones yet also being the life-giving Spirit to indwell His believers, God being immutable yet processed and consummated in His economy, etc.

January 1, 2010 Robert Govett, Twofoldness of Divine Truth

An overview of the scriptural meaning of the Triune God, including the basic facts, the value of being limited to biblical terminology, the principle of the twofoldness of divine truth applied to the oneness and threeness of God, an understanding of how the Bible reveals the Triune God, the relationship among the Three in the Godhead, and the meaning of the Triune God in the believers’ experience.

October 22, 1977 coinherence, Orange County Register, Trinity, Triune God, Twofoldness of Divine Truth, Walter Martin

A 1977 response to a speaker at Melodyland Christian Center concerning the study of the Bible in the local churches, the Recovery Version of the Bible, and biblical interpretations related to the Divine Trinity.

October 8, 1977 2 Corinthians 3:17, Bible, Christ and the Spirit, Isaiah 9:6, Orange County Register, the Son and the Father, Twofoldness of Divine Truth, Walter Martin