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In December 2009, the Christian Research Institute (CRI) published an edition of its Christian Research Journal dedicated to CRI’s reassessment of the local churches and the ministry of Witness Lee. This reassessment caused CRI to withdraw its earlier criticisms and endorse the local churches as “genuine New Testament Christianity.”

We Were Wrong

After a six-year primary research project that involved reading many publications of Living Stream Ministry and visiting local churches on three continents, the Christian Research Institute (CRI), the largest and most respected apologetics ministry in the world, published it findings in a series of articles in an issue of its Christian Research Journal with the words “We Were Wrong” on the cover. In addition to the issue’s centerpiece—a five-part article by the journal’s Editor-in-Chief Elliot Miller analyzing the shortcomings of an open letter criticizing aspects of Witness Lee’s teaching—the issue contains statements by CRI President Hank Hanegraaff and Answers in Action (AiA) Director Gretchen Passantino. These statements represent a complete reversal of earlier criticisms by CRI and AiA.

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