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The Experts Speak contains the testimony of six expert witnesses who studied the local churches and the teaching of Witness Lee. Five of them testified in court in the Lee v. Duddy; the sixth was not asked to testify at the trial but wrote a statement titled “Libel and the First Amendment.”

“The Experts Speak”

From the Preface to The Experts Speak:

The Experts Speak is the testimony of five expert witnesses who testified on behalf of Witness Lee and the local churches in Alameda County Superior Court on May 28 and 31, 1985. The final expert, Dr. Edwin S. Gaustad, was not asked to testify at the trial but wrote the included article entitled, “Libel and the First Amendment.”

These experts embrace a wide range of disciplines, including contemporary religious movements, psychology of religion, and the sociology of religion. Because of the breadth of subjects covered in their testimony, we have provided a topical outline by expert with links to their testimony on particular subjects. The table of contents below is from the published version of The Experts Speak available from Living Stream Ministry.



Meet The Experts

1. Introduction

2. The Testimony of John Gordon Melton, Ph.D.

3. The Testimony of John Albert Saliba, Ph.D.

4. Eugene Van Ness Goetchius, Ph.D., Th.D.

5. The Testimony of Rodney Stark, Ph.D.

6. The Testimony of H. Newton Malony, Ph.D.

7. The Testimony of Edwin S. Gaustad, Ph.D.

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