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In 1983 Thomas Nelson Publishers issued a retraction and apology for including the local churches in The Mindbenders by Jack Sparks.

Retraction of “The Mindbenders” by Jack Sparks

The following is an accurate rendition of the retraction of The Mindbenders by Thomas Nelson, Inc.

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In 1977 The Mindbenders, a book authored by Jack Sparks, published by Thomas Nelson, Inc., accused Witness Lee and The Local Churches of being a cult and of being heretical in their beliefs. Both before and after publication of their first edition, Nelson received many letters from The Local Churches and their members protesting the falsity of the chapter concerning them. Notwithstanding these letters, Nelson published an expanded second edition in 1979. In 1980 Local Churches brought suit against Thomas Nelson and the author for libel.

The Local Churches should not have been included in either edition of The Mindbenders. Nelson has no desire to inflict any damage or harm upon Witness Lee, The Local Churches, or their members by the continued publication of this book. Therefore, Nelson hereby retracts the statements made in The Mindbenders about them, and extends its apology to the good Christian members of The Local Churches. Accordingly, Nelson has withdrawn the book from publication and distribution and encourages all book sellers who have any unsold copies to return them for credit.

April 10, 1983

This retraction by Thomas Nelson, Inc. was published on Sunday, April 10, 1983 in the following newspapers:

Akron Beacon Journal
Miami Herald
Atlanta Journal/Constitution

New York Times
Boston Globe
Oklahoma City Sunday Oklahoman
Chicago Tribune
Orange County (Calif.) Register
Cleveland Plain Dealer

Raleigh News & Observer
Columbus Dispatch
San Francisco Examiner & Chronicle
Dallas Morning News

Seattle Times
Houston Chronicle
Washington Post
Los Angeles Times

It was also printed in the following publications:

Wall Street Journal — April 11, 1983
Christianity Today — May 20, 1983

Christian News — April 25, 1983
Moody Monthly — June 1983

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